Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Enjoy fresh air, comfortable temperatures and banish mould and bad odours with mechanical ventilation systems from Maxim Air.

These systems have many applications in homes and commercial or industrial buildings, whether you're keeping your home cool and dry in the summer or ventilating a kitchen, garage, bathroom or car park.

Our technicians install all types of mechanical ventilation in Hills District, North Shore, and all Sydney metropolitan areas. Get in touch to arrange your no-obligation quote.

What is mechanical ventilation?

Mechanical ventilation systems support or replace natural ventilation methods in buildings. While natural ventilation relies on pressure differences or wind to circulate air, mechanical systems use fans, ducts and filters for consistent cooling, circulation and improved indoor air quality.

These systems are ideal in any environment where natural ventilation is not available or is insufficient. They help to keep your home cool in the summer to ease the strain on your air conditioning, bring clean air into small or enclosed spaces and get rid of stale air, heat and pollutants.

What is a VRF system?

Mechanical systems have many advantages over natural ventilation.

Suitable for all buildings

Unlike natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation can be installed anywhere, even in small and secluded spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Consistent temperatures

Mechanical systems maintain a consistent airflow that can be adjusted as you need it, regardless of conditions outside.

Improved air quality

Mechanical ventilation filters and cleans the air entering your rooms to remove pollutants and allergens, so you'll enjoy fresh, clean air even if you're next to a busy road.

Reduced humidity

Dehumidifier systems remove excess moisture from the air to improve comfort, especially on warm and humid summer days.

Reduced noise

You don't need to open windows or expose yourself to noise pollution and contaminated air with mechanical ventilation. Many of these systems are designed to be whisper quiet while in use.

Enhanced security

Buildings can be fully sealed when mechanical ventilation is used, eliminating the security and privacy risks of natural ventilation.

What are the different types of mechanical ventilation?

Ventilation systems come in many forms, depending on what you need them for and where they're installed.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans help to control temperatures in individual rooms. They circulate air to lower internal temperatures, but they don't bring new air into the space.

Roof ventilation

Roof ventilation systems bring cool air from the outside into a building and push out the warm air using fans. These systems can be solar-powered to reduce your energy bills.

Ducted ventilation

Mechanical ventilators can deliver fresh air anywhere it's needed in your building through new or existing ducting.


Humidity can cause discomfort as well as mould and mildew growth, which is a health risk. Dehumidifier systems remove moisture from the air to leave your rooms feeling dry and comfortable.

Outside air supplies

If you need to bring fresh air into a sealed space, outside air supplies use fans and filters to continually blow in clean, high quality air.

Exhaust systems

Mechanical exhaust systems vent heat, smoke, bad odours and other contaminants out of enclosed spaces to keep the local air clean.

Supply and exhaust systems are often combined to provide continuous airflow in spaces such as car parks, garbage rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

How is mechanical ventilation installed?

Many buildings are designed with mechanical ventilation in mind, but it can also be added to most homes and commercial and industrial buildings.

When you contact Maxim Air for a free quote, our technicians will inspect your building and our consultant engineer will design the best ventilation approach based on your needs.

We can also combine natural and mechanical ventilation and integrate ventilation with your air conditioning or heating systems for improved performance and comfort all-round.