Packaged Air Conditioners

Packaged Air Conditioners

Packaged air conditioning is a whole cooling and heating system in a single unit. It's the easiest type of air conditioning to install in commercial and industrial buildings, saving space and avoiding the need to install separate indoor and outdoor units.

These all-in-one units have a high cooling capacity and are ideal for offices, shops, supermarkets, restaurants and other single-floor commercial buildings, as well as warehouses and workshops. They're usually installed outside buildings, either on the roof or slab-mounted on the ground.

Maxim Air installs packaged air conditioners in Hills District, North Shore and all Sydney metropolitan areas. We work with leading brands including Daikin, Actron Air and Temprezone, we'll also schedule regular services to make sure your air conditioning's working at its best.

Packaged Air Conditioner Installation By Maxim Air Sydney

How do packaged air conditioners work?

Packaged air conditioners work the same as window-mounted units, but on a much larger scale. A single outdoor unit includes all the air conditioning components, as well as a heating element if you need heating as well as cooling.

The unit is connected to a network of rigid ductwork which carries the conditioned air into different spaces, if needed air can be reheated through set of duct heaters to meet different temperature requirements in segregated spaces. Because packaged air conditioners are usually located outdoors, any moisture in the system is extracted by the evaporator coil. If you install the unit indoors however, a drain pipe will need to be added to vent the condenser air.

Once the system is installed, it's simple to operate using control panels and portable controllers.

What are the benefits of packaged air conditioning?

Packaged systems are a popular alternative to other air conditioning systems for most commercial and industrial buildings.

Saving space

These units are designed to be as compact as possible, ideal if you have limited space. Our technicians will find the most suitable space to install them on your roof or other location.

Improved air quality

As well as cooling or heating, these systems also filter and clean the air coming in from outside, removing pollutants and allergens.

Reduced humidity

Packaged air conditioners also offer better humidity control compared to some systems, removing moisture from the air on humid summer days.

Quiet running

Because the air conditioning unit is located outside, there'll be minimal to no operational noise inside the building.

Easier to maintain

With all the components in one place and easy to access, maintenance is also faster and cheaper with a package unit. Because they're usually located outside, there'll be no interruption to business.

What types of packaged systems are there?

Depending on the capacity you need, we’ll recommend a system using either an air-cooled or water-cooled condenser.

Air cooled

These systems are normally installed outside the building, the heat removed from the conditioned space is transferred to atmosphere through an air-cooled condenser coil whcih is cooled down with large size fans.

Water cooled

If a packaged unit is to be used inside the building, it will be installed in ceiling/roof cavity, the heat removed from the conditioned space is transferred outside to atmosphere through condenser water recirculated using a pair of copper pipes which comes from a cooling tower.

High capacity systems

If you need to cool a larger building, or areas with more intensive cooling requirements such as computer rooms, we can increase the capacity of the system by installing more powerful fans or a dual refrigeration system using two water-cooled condensers.

How is packaged air conditioning installed?

Packaged air conditioning installation is less time-intensive than other options, as the air conditioner can be pre-assembled. It simply needs to be mounted in place and connected to your ventilation system and mains electricity.

If your system uses an air-cooled condenser, the refrigerant lines will need to be installed, charged and tested on-site, which takes longer. A water-cooled condenser unit can be supplied fully installed and charged.

Because the units are heavy, installation will usually involve the use of a crane for rooftop-mounted systems. If your roof is not capable of supporting the load, the unit will be slab-mounted on the ground. Depending on the layout of your building and the location of the unit, we may install vertical or horizontal supply and return air connections.

After we’ve installed your packaged air conditioner, we’ll arrange periodic cleaning and maintenance so our technicians can make sure it’s operating as efficiently as possible and catch any problems before they happen.