Ducted air conditioning is a convenient and discreet option for cooling your home. You can control the climate in multiple rooms using a single system, with quiet operation and no bulky units taking up wall space.

Maxim Air supplies, installs and services Ducted Air Conditioning in Hills District, North Shore, and all Sydney metropolitan areas.

Why choose ducted air conditioning?

If you're installing air conditioning in your home for the first time or replacing an older installation, ducted systems can be installed in most buildings.

Compared to other A/C options, ducted air conditioning is:

  • Discreet – Ducted systems are mostly hidden inside your ceiling and walls, with only the grilles being visible. They're also whisper-quiet, making them ideal for bedrooms and study areas.
  • Convenient – A ducted system can connect to as many rooms as you need it to, so you don't need to install individual units in different parts of your home. You can adjust temperatures and settings via remote control or smartphone apps, or set programmable timers.
  • Efficient – Modern air conditioners are designed for superior energy efficiency. Ducting enhances efficiency even further, so you'll save on electricity bills while keeping cool all year round.
  • Flexible – Ducted systems can provide both cooling and heating, keeping you comfortable in all seasons. When you choose a zoned system, you can set different temperatures in different parts of your home.

What are the different types of ducted systems?

We install and service all types of ducted air conditioners from the leading manufacturers. Our technicians will recommend the perfect fit for your home during your consultation.

Ducted evaporative cooling systems

Evaporative cooling is one of the most affordable and energy-efficient options for lowering temperatures and improving the air quality in your home. Unlike some other air conditioners, you can leave your windows and doors open to enjoy the fresh air as the natural breeze circulates through your rooms.

Ducted evaporative cooling uses fans to draw air from outside the home, which evaporates and cools as it passes over water-soaked pads. This means the air inside your home will be slightly moist and won't dry out your skin, while filters will block out pollen and other allergens.

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning

If you live in a more humid area, or you don't want to leave your doors and windows open, refrigerated air conditioning could be a more suitable option than evaporative cooling. Reverse cycle air conditioners can also provide heating in the colder months.

Refrigerated ducted systems lower humidity and circulate the air multiple times every hour. Filtration makes sure this air is pure and free from allergens.

Gas ducted heating

If you've already taken care of cooling, but you need to keep warm in the winter, ducted systems can also supply heat. We can install a reverse cycle air conditioner that can switch between warm and cool air or gas ducted central heating for rapid, energy-efficient heating.

Ducted systems distribute heat more evenly than room heaters, as they don't use radiant heat. Instead, air from conditioned space is recycled through filters and then heated as they pass over combustion tubes and blown back into the space. Filters block out contaminants, leaving your warm air fresh and pure.

Ducted Air Conditioning repairs, maintenance and service

If your Ducted Air Conditioning system develops a problem, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. Not only may you have to endure uncomfortable temperatures, but your electricity bills could increase and mould and mildew could start to form now that the air's no longer being purified.

When you choose Maxim Air professionals to install your new Ducted Air Conditioning, you'll be covered by the manufacturer's warranty if anything goes wrong. Our technicians are licensed to clean, service and repair air conditioners, and we'll get your system back online as quickly as possible.

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  • Raymond Gosling Avatar

    It was a pleasant experience from go to whoa.

    Arran listened to all our requirements and concerns and came up with a suggested system that fitted our needs.

    His team arrived punctually on the day and installed it within the day,

    No problems or hassles, even cleaned up all the dust, packaging, and took the old system and rubbish with them.

    The new system was commissioned and working better than we had hoped for.

    Many thanks to Arran and his team for a job well done.

    Ray Gosling

    Raymond Gosling 25/07/2019
  • Ross S Avatar

    The team was professional and did a good job installing the system. Arran and the whole team were pleasant to deal with. The system has been in about 6 weeks now and works well. Price was reasonable. I would recommend rhem.

    Ross S 15/07/2019
  • Adrian J Avatar

    Great experience from the start! Stephen went above and beyond for us, giving excellent and honest advice. He gave us extremely competitive quotes and his team was professional on the day of installation. You will not regret using Maxim Air Conditioning! Will definitely use them again in the future.

    Adrian J 08/07/2019
  • Miranda Huxtable Avatar

    Efficient, flexible and reasonably priced. Outstanding service, will be returning customers. Thank you Arran and team.

    Miranda Huxtable 27/05/2019
  • Paul Buckingham Avatar

    The guys from Maxim were really great. Our installation was a bit complicated and Arran spent a lot of time with us scoping the job to make sure everything was covered. He then presented us with options to make sure we got the best solution possible. On the day, the team of Stephen, Victor, Matt, Sam and Hamid did a really professional job. They were careful, the standard of work was excellent and they did a great job cleaning up afterwards. I would happily recommend Maxim to anyone looking for a quality air conditioning team.

    Paul Buckingham 12/05/2019
  • Deni Di Filippo Avatar

    Great experience from start to finish. Arran was very professional over the phone and very informative about the products available and the whole installation process. He also made a follow up call to check on the installation and service provided. The 2 installation guys were also very friendly and professional and did a great job with the our Mitsubishi reverse split system install and even fixed some ducting on our existing ducted system. Best service we've had so far from any company during our renovations. Thanks guys!

    Deni Di Filippo 27/04/2019
  • Louise Duff Avatar

    MaXim Air Conditioning completed a complex installation of a ducted system to our home. The team were professional, reliable and maintained great communication with us throughout the process. We are very satisfied with the end result.

    Louise Duff 10/04/2019
  • Chan Michael Avatar

    Just had a ducted system and a single unit installed by Maxim. The "whole journey" was an exceptional experience! - very approachable, competitive and reasonable pricing, accommodating to installation date, friendly staff including the owners, who are down to earth people.

    No need to look elsewhere!

    Chan Michael 12/03/2019
  • Nasrin Azizi Avatar

    Amazing company. Well organised, great prices, even accept credit card payment. Could not recommend enough!

    Nasrin Azizi 01/03/2019
  • aida Nedel Avatar

    I would highly recommend MaXim Air to anyone looking for ducted system. We spent a lot of time and effort shopping around, when we could have gone to the best and most competitive to start with. very professional . A joy to deal with from the initial consult to the installation.

    aida Nedel 28/02/2019

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