Design and Construction

Design and Construction

Maxim Air employs experienced and qualified engineers to design and construct all its systems customized to your needs. From our residential to commercial services we make sure to provide the best services at the most affordable rate.

Our Team

Our teams will work with you to meet your goals and provide easy maintenance ensuring you the best air quality and providing you a safe, comfortable, and satisfying design and construction experience.

Maxim Air teams offer Mechanical Ventilation services which include, Roof ventilation. Ducted ventilation, Dehumidifiers, Outside air supplies, Exhaust systems, Read more about our Mechanical Ventilation services.

Maxim Air's reputable staff will respect your property and design or construct accordingly. Your satisfaction is our first priority. Our teams work professionally to provide a peaceful atmosphere in your home and increase the value of your property. We are your go-to when it comes to design, thanks to our professional team we make your home feel fresh and healthy after we complete our work.


Maxim Air teams estimate, Design, and construct according to our premises. Different rooms have different cooling requirements. Our flexible service of multi-head system offers wall-mounted, floor-standing, ceiling and bulkhead units in any combination. MaximAir also provides ARV and ARF services which can help you save energy and improve comfort. Read more about ARV and ARF.

Our design team will cater to your expectations to give you the best result possible. Maxim Air is capable of providing the most professional service in Castle Hill.

Maxim Air's Packaged Air Conditioning Air services include Air cooled, Water cooled, and High capacity systems which can benefit you with Saving space, Improved air quality, Reduced humidity, Quiet running, Easier to maintain