Cleaning cooling towers is one of the most important parts of air conditioner maintenance, but it's often overlooked. Depending on where you live in Australia, you may be required by law to have your cooling tower serviced every one to six months.

This involves testing the water for the presence of Legionella bacteria and other harmful organisms, cleaning and chemical treatment, and maintenance of the electrical and mechanical components. Maintaining your cooling tower also improves energy efficiency and lowers your electricity bills.

Make sure your air conditioning's ready for the summer by scheduling cooling tower maintenance ahead of time with Maxim Air. We'll service your whole system so you can look forward to uninterrupted cooling when you need it most.

What are cooling towers?

If your air conditioning uses a cooling tower, this will usually be hidden out of sight on the roof or in other outdoor locations. This can make it easy to forget about when you're checking other components, but cooling tower cleaning is just as important for maintaining the efficiency of the system and preventing health risks.

Cooling towers store water that gets heated up by the condenser of water cooled package units, as it extracts heat from the building. In an open system, most of this heat is transferred to the air through evaporation. In a closed system, the water is cooled and recirculated.

This water needs to be chemically treated and the tower needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

How often should they be cleaned?

Cooling tower laws in Australia vary across different states and territories. In Sydney and New South Wales, cooling towers must be registered with your local council and the operator is responsible for regular maintenance.

Your cooling tower needs to be cleaned and chemically disinfected at least every six months or more frequently. Without maintenance, algae, bacteria and mould can accumulate. This encourages the growth of harmful bacterial organisms such as Legionella, which is responsible for the spread of Legionnaire's Disease.

Cooling towers can still harbour bacteria even when your air conditioning's not in use, so you should always have the system checked before the summer heat arrives.

What does cooling tower maintenance involve?

Our qualified technicians will thoroughly clean and disinfect your cooling tower at regular intervals to prevent corrosion and bacteria growth and keep it operating efficiently.

Cooling tower maintenance can also be included as part of your complete air conditioning service.

Treating the water

We'll help you set up a chemical treatment program for cooling tower water to reduce the build-up of corrosion, mineral deposits and harmful bacteria such as Legionella.

Cleaning the fan housing

Fan housings can also harbour bacteria that can become airborne. We'll scrub and disinfect the fan housing to remove bacteria and prevent corrosion.

Cleaning the tower basin

The cooling tower basin itself needs to be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year to control bacterial growth. We recommend this at the start and end of the cooling season.

Checking the spray nozzles

We'll inspect the nozzles for algae, sediment and other debris that may be making them clogged and affecting the flow of water and air. If nozzles are clogged or damaged, we'll clean or replace them.

Cleaning the distribution pan

Clogged distribution pans can also reduce water flow and impair performance. We'll remove any debris that wasn't blocked by the filters and clean and disinfect the area.

Checking the fan

If something's blocking the flow of air in and out of your cooling tower, this will impair heat transfer and reduce its efficiency. We'll check the fan and motor and remove any dirt or debris, tighten loose mountings, correct improper alignment and replace any damaged blades.

Checking the pump

We'll inspect the cooling tower pump and repair loose connections, clogged filters and other issues such as low water flow and vibrations.

What does cooling tower cleaning cost?

Like other air conditioning services, cooling tower maintenance will save you money by lowering your electricity bills and extending the life of the system so you won't need to replace it so soon. You'll also be complying with state and territory laws for cooling tower treatment and avoid penalties.

Our technicians will give you a quote for cooling tower services based on the size of the system, its location and how much work needs to be done to bring it up to standard.

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